December 14, 2007


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I. Announcements

AVCA membership for DIII head coaches is currently at about 78%. The DIII Head Coaches Committee set a goal of 80% for the year. Coaches were encouraged to help promote AVCA membership among their conference coaches as peer promotion works best in attracting members. AVCA membership brochures are available to help with membership promotion. Coaches who need brochures can contact Jason Jones at


The 2008 AVCA Convention will be held December 17 - 20 in Omaha, Nebraska. All coaches were encouraged to make plans to attend.


The AVCA Publications and Education Committee met during the convention to discuss article and author ideas for Coaching Volleyball and At The Net as well as to discuss educational initiatives for the upcoming year. Anyone who is interested in submitting an article for Coaching Volleyball or At the Net should contact AVCA Editor of Publications Rick Capone at Coaches were also encouraged to submit any educational topics they would like to see covered on their convention evaluations.


Becky Schmidt encouraged all coaches to participate in the Game Management Survey. This survey will provide updated information on operations and game management for DIII schools. The survey was last done two years ago so it is important for all coaches to participate in order to have the most accurate and updated information possible.


II. DIII Restructuring and NCAA Convention

Lynn Holzman from the NCAA discussed several of the proposals that will be on the table during the NCAA Convention in January. Some of the topics discussed included limits on electronic transmission of recruiting messages, sport safety at practices, using male practice players and employment of student-athletes as staff members.


In addition, the restructuring of DIII is a topic of discussion during the convention. There are two options currently on the table. The first option is to sub-divide DIII schools based on certain criteria or the other option is to create a Division IV with these schools having different requirements and philosophies. A mailing was sent to DIII schools on December 7 explaining these options. School Presidents will receive a survey in February 2008 to provide input for a convention vote in 2009.


Detailed information about each proposal and the restructuring options can be found on the NCAA Web site.



Kerry Carr distributed the Rules Survey Results and briefly reviewed the findings. Those results can be found by clicking here.


In addition, Marcia Alterman from PAVO discussed the volleyball playing rules change process. Marcia distributed a handout outlining the rules process. She mentioned that rules changes must apply to all divisions as a rule change can not be done for only DIII. Marcia also mentioned that the NCAA is moving to a 2 year rules cycle so rules will not change for at least a two year period. However, points of emphasis may be changed during any particular year. Marcia then distributed a form that must be submitted in order for the rules committee to consider a rules change. This form should be submitted by January 18 in order to be reviewed by the January 29 - 31, 2008 meeting.


The rules process outline and rules proposal form can be found by clicking here.


IV. AVCA Executive Director

Kathy DeBoer discussed the importance of moving the agenda forward for volleyball. The way volleyball teams compete, they way teams play and the way the sport is marketed must keep moving forward to grow the sport. She said volleyball is a sport in the right place at the right time in the sports marketplace. The media, sponsors and fans are taking notice and volleyball coaches and administrators must capitalize on the opportunity that exists.


V. NCAA Championships

Jan Gentry replaced Keanah Smith as the NCAA contact person for DIII volleyball. Jan and JJ O' Connell gave a report on the 2007 and 2008 championships as well as the selection criteria for DIII volleyball. The complete report can be found by clicking here.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m. PT.



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