December 12, 2007


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Chair: Cecile Reynaud

Members in attendance:

Cecile Reynaud (chair), Jason Jones (AVCA staff), Bill Neville, Mike Welch, Dennis Janzen, Becky Schmidt, Kay Rogness, Trish Kissair-Knight, Ben Bodipo-Memba, Carol Russo, Jeff Carroll




Discussion of accomplishments by the AVCA Staff

· * Over 70 educational sessions offered at the convention

· * Coaching Volleyball - good topics and articles

· * Webinars conducted on statistics and webcasting

· * Power Tips sent electronically

· * AVCA Web site

o - More drill & articles available

o - Bulletin board available for discussions


Suggestions for future

· * Need reasons to drive coaches to the website instead going to website to get news

· * Have live chats with tops coaches online

· * Publicize coaches clinics being held - there was a discussion about sanctioning the clinics if an AVCA member was hosting

· * Be a "keeper of the calendar" in coaching educational events

· * Publicize a list of CAP certified coaches somewhere

· * List more products in the Volleyball Store (AVCA members publishing)

· * Record an actual practice of a top program and put it online

· * Promote good books for coaches to read - a book review each month

· * Clarify the roles of USA Volleyball and the AVCA in educating coaches

· * Should AVCA run the CAP program?

· * Request more CAP III clinics be held around the country

· * Serve the JDVA (something like 20% of their funds collected will be going to coaches education)

Next conference call will be TBD.

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