November 12, 2007


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Present: Jeanne Hess (Chair), Jen Bowman (NESCAC), Jolie Ward (Little East ), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Roger Worsley (Empire 8), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Brittany Mister (Capital), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Robin Pietryk (USA South), Bill Rogers (ODAC), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Jason McAden (ASC), Michelle Blaeser (MIAC), Deb Zellers (Independents), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), Vicki Brault (OAC), Becky Schmidt (MIAA), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Deb Schulman (WIAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Rick Swan (Independents), Mark Massey (Northwest), Jason Jones (AVCA), Kathy DeBoer (AVCA)


Not Present: Paul Dill (NEWMAC), Chad Braegelmann (Commonwealth Coast), Jamie Marcoux (Great Northeast), Cathy Markowski (North Atlantic), Dave Hildebrandt (Independents), Lisa Gallagher (Independents & Skyline), Jonathan Penn (Liberty), David Shumaker (NEAC), Bridget White (NJAC), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Kandis Schram (GSAC), Jennifer Walker (IIAC), Tom Ackerman (SLIAC), David Kwan (Heartland), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Kathy Gebhardt (NAC), Dianna Graves (SCIAC)

I. Membership Update

Jeanne distributed a report to the committee that indicated 72% of DIII head coaches are currently a member of the AVCA. In August the committee set a goal of having 80% of DIII head coaches as members of the association. The group briefly discussed possible reasons more DIII coaches were not joining the AVCA. One idea was that because some DIII coaches were part-time they did not have the budget or see the need in joining. Jeanne reminded the group to continue to push membership to the coaches in their conference who are not members. Jason mentioned that membership brochures are available to anyone who needs them to assist with the membership drive. Coaches can contact Jason at to request brochures.


DIII coaches who also coach club must have a DIII membership with the AVCA in order to be eligible for DIII award programs. A coach who only has a club membership is not eligible for DIII awards.


II. AVCA Report

AVCA total membership crossed a new milestone last week with the association going over the 4,400 member mark.


The DIII Salary Survey deadline was 11/7 and the AVCA is in the process of compiling the results. We had 226 out of 320 head coaches respond which is a very good 71% response rate. The results will be sent to the coaches who participated by the end of November.


Award Reminders:

· DIII Region Coach of the Year and All Region Teams are posted on the AVCA Web site.

· DIII All America Team and National Freshman of the Year will be announced on 11/13.

· DIII National Coach of the Year will be announced on 11/26.


IMG Worldwide has purchased HOST Communications which is the parent company of the AVCA. IMG is the world's largest sports marketing company which gives the AVCA greater access to resources in the sports world. The AVCA will issue a press release to members announcing this new agreement.


Convention registration is going extremely well as the AVCA has nearly 150 more registrations than at this point last year and is on a record setting pace for attendance. Early registration for the convention ended on November 2 but coaches can still sign-up on the AVCA Web site or via a printed registration form until November 30. Registration will close on November 30 and will reopen onsite in Sacramento beginning on December 11. Lower level tickets have sold out so only upper level seats remain for the NCAA championship matches. The Minority Coaches Committee will be hosting a Minority Coaches Workshop on December 11 and 12. All minority coaches are invited to attend and registration information is available on the AVCA Web site.


III. Convention Plan

Some of the topics for discussion at the DIII meetings at the convention are as follows:

· How to use the NCAA minority coaches grant

· High school volleyball involvement

· Writing for Coaching Volleyball magazine and AVCA At The Net

· Grassroots involvement and growth

· Rules discussion - stats on a 5 game match, male practice players, double hit call, head volleyball coach involvement in running junior tournaments at institution's facilities

· Possible development of a Division IV or some type of sub-division of DIII schools


Jeanne encouraged the committee to submit other meeting agenda items to her as soon as possible.


IV. Rules Discussion

The committee had a discussion of the double hit call. A great deal of feedback has been received from coaches and the response seems to be split on the results as there is a great deal of passion on both sides. Mark Massey discussed some of the feedback he has received including a discussion he had with his local official's board. The officials he spoke with did not want to eliminate the call because they felt this would be a loss of control for the officials and their involvement would be lessened. Kathy DeBoer mentioned that in some cases having a majority vote to decide issues does not always work. She used as an example the 3-point shot and shot clock in basketball that would have never been passed if it was left up to a majority vote as people by nature are resistant to change. Kathy felt this might be an issue where the NCAA Rules Committee is empowered to make these types of decisions and should be able to do what is best for the sport.


Jeanne briefly mentioned the male practice players issue and reminded coaches to let their AD know how you want them to vote.


Jeanne also reminded coaches to respond to the NCAA Rules Survey if they have not already done so. Any rules changes will not be implemented until August 1, 2008.


During the past two conference calls the committee had discussed Bylaw which prohibits the volleyball coach from being involved with the promotion or administration of junior volleyball tournaments on campus. Michelle Blaeser said that she had received an interpretation that junior olympic volleyball tournaments were an exception to this rule. Michelle was going to send the interpretation she received to the other committee members.


V. Other Business

Jeanne reminded the committee to use the AVCA bulletin boards on the Web site for scheduling and open dates.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m. ET. The next Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting will be held at the AVCA Convention in Sacramento, California. The Division III meeting schedule at the convention is as follows:


DIII Head Coaches Committee Meeting Thursday, Dec. 13 8 - 9:30 a.m.

DIII Coaches General Meeting Friday, Dec. 14 9 - 10:30 a.m.

DIII Head Coaches Committee Meeting Friday, Dec. 14 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.



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