December 13, 2006


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Chair: Cecile Reynaud

Members in attendance: Jeff Carroll (H.S.), Kay Rogness (Club), Trish Kissair-Knight (2 year), Bill Neville (USA Volleyball), Dennis Janzen (NAIA), Becky Schmidt (III), Chris Catanach (II), Carol Russo (H.S.), Ben Bodipo-Memba (Assistant Coaches)

AVCA Staff in attendance: Rick Capone & Jason Jones

Committee members & AVCA staff

Update on board meeting & report given to the board

Responsibilities of the education & publications committee - assist in recommending topics for coverage in the journal and at the convention, recruit coaches & others to write articles (Rick Capone will assist with editing for publication)

Discussion Items

Coaching Volleyball Journal

* Recruit coaches and others to write articles for the journal

* Look for articles in other journals for reprint, i.e., USOC Coaching Journal


AVCA Convention Speakers

* Outside speakers on other topics besides VB (Felicia Allen Hall, Jeff Janssen, etc.)

* National Coaches of the Year as presenters

* AVCA Hall of Fame Coaches as presenters

* USOC Nutritionist - Karen Daigle

* USOC Exercise Physiologist on "overtraining" - Randy Wilber

* Panels - need every level of coach on each panel

* Round table sessions with smaller groups


AVCA Web site

* Develop education link on web site (good model to use is National Soccer Coaches Association)

* Web seminars

* Drills from assistant coaches division ready to go up on website

* Interactive - "Ask the Coach" live chat weekly sessions

* Member surveys on their training or education as a coach (undergraduate & graduate degrees in what areas?

* Message board for each level membership for better communication


Ideas for publication or topics at the convention

* Describe a practice session - start to finish (objectives to achieving those)

* Attributes of young athletes (12 years old)

* Mental preparation and still keeping it fun

* How to run a club

* Planning travel to club tournaments

* Bridging the gap between high school and club coaches

* Team building activities

* Teaching my team to talk - getting players to communicate

* Teaching my team to move - getting players to move

* Teaching my team to read - increasing their knowledge of what to look for

* Drills for less than 12

* Player initiated drills

* Personality types & testing (True Colors, etc.)

* How to motivate or inspire players to work hard

* Favorite or most effective practices from the top coaches

* Keeping the fun in the preparation for competition

* Running an efficient club

* Planning travel for 60+ kids and 12 adults for a 3 day tournament

* Risk management information - legal issues for a coach

* Player specialization - when?

* Statistics most important to keep in winning & losing

* Statistics - now I have all these numbers what do I do? (Jim Miret)

* Developing a strategic plan for your team

* Developing the leader and toning down the leader wanna be on your team

* Motivational models

* What should we talk about and how should we say it?

* Drills, drills, drills

* Bloom's taxomony of learning

* Scouting - how to do it and what to do with it (game plan)

* Who are you scouting for - players or coaches

* Physical training vs. skill training

* Cycle through a seven month season for clubs

* XLN -- specific physical training in the practices (Fort Collins - Billie Glisan)

* Forum on how things are being taught differently

- "Get all the liars in the same room"

- "How many ways to skin the cat?"

- "Point-Counterpoint"

* Using principles and keys - Bill Neville

* Mentoring young coaches - Front Range, Mary Jo, Washington VB academy

* Rule changes of FIVB

* Difference between international game and college game

* Recruiting the international athlete - professional leagues - Trish

* How to get my high school player recruited

* Opportunities at Division III

* Rural areas and how to identify talent in those areas

* Mandatory coaching education vs. certification

* Comcast tv series on skills - Front Range (Sports school)

* Dartfish in Ohio - Jim Stone

* Running a successful camp (Catanach)

* College recruiting issues

* Club recruiting issues - educational session

* Dealing with parents

* Successful coaches career paths & advice

* Coaching with no assistants

* Building Your Crowd Through Involvement with Youth Volleyball - J. Kessel

* One page dedicated to VB tips each issue

* Moving young players through your program

* How to keep statistics article or on website

* "Student development theory" - stages of development

* Positive coaching


Recommended books to let coaches know about via the journal or the web site

* From Good to Great

* Built to Last

* Maxwell's leadership books

* Blink

* Freakanomics

* 9 Things You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Love and Life - Henry Cloud

* Great Expectations - about generation X

* The World is Flat - Friedman

* The Man Watching - Anson Dorrance

Next conference call will be TBD.

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