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Few embody the "American Dream" more than Dick McCoy, a man who wanted a job so badly he washed windows at the Mikasa headquarters for two weeks before being hired into the warehouse.  McCoy worked his way through every possible position at Mikasa Sports and ended his career as president in 2009 after 33 years with the company.  McCoy will be honored posthumously as he passed away in June of 2012.


Dick McCoy is remembered by all he interacted with as an innovator, a big picture thinker, and someone who loved helping others succeed.  He was a primary organizer during the early days of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) Volleyball Executive Council, a community of marketplace competitors who gathered regularly to discuss the sport of volleyball and brainstorm ideas for growth.  He was always tinkering with the product, looking for new or different ways to improve the volleyballs.  He is credited with being one of the first to embrace colored volleyballs, and he was hands-on in the development of the new Olympic ball put into play at the Beijing, Olympics.  McCoy also brought the concepts of sports marketing to the sport of volleyball, signing sponsorship deals with some of the sport's biggest names, and piloting truly innovative ads. 


What many may not have known about McCoy was his generosity and philanthropic efforts within the sport.  He built an internship partnership with the Volleyball Festival that helped launch numerous careers.  McCoy encouraged his staff to get involved in ways beyond being a ball supplier, and to always look for opportunities to give back to the volleyball community.  When junior national qualifier tournaments began growing into convention center venues, McCoy helped make them work by supplying balls, loaning money to organizers and helping round up event staff.  It was his philosophy to spend a lot of time cultivating and developing relationships.  When a group signed on with Mikasa, it was a lot more than just a contract; it was a partnership with Dick McCoy.


"I knew Richard McCoy my entire adult life.  He was my greatest mentor, as he was for others," said current President and CEO of Creative Sports Strategies, Lori Okimura.  "He taught me how to do business in a way that helped the sport of volleyball.  He showed me a path in business that would help me in life.  As I continue my own career in the sport, I am constantly reminded of his significant contributions, and the way he shaped not only Mikasa Sports but many lives within our game." 

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