Carli Weiler

2012 C4C Carli Weiler

Carli Weiler

Michigan State University


Throughout my volleyball career I have had the opportunity to play for many coaches that have been instrumental in my pursuit of coaching. I have taken something special from each coach and am very grateful for having such positive influences in my life. At a very young age my aunt, former head coach at University of Loyola-Chicago, Therese Boyle-Niego, taught me the game of volleyball. She has been a role model for me my entire life and has taught me the importance of relating the sport to everyday life lessons. The dynamic of the coaches that have been on staff since I began my career at Michigan State have also inspired me to continue my passion for coaching. Their natural ability to successfully coach the individual needs of many different players has impacted me both as a player and coach. 

My biggest coaching influence is definitely Michigan State Head Coach Cathy George. Coach George has not only educated me as a coach but as a mentor as well. She has instilled in me the values that I believe a great coach must hold to be successful. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level has opened my eyes to a different side of coaching. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to not only play for her but to continue learning from her as a coach as well.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago I played for Mother McAuley High School and 1st Alliance Volleyball Club. I began my collegiate career at Michigan State University where I played from 2008-2011. In the spring of 2011, I was selected to the USA Women's A2 Team and competed in Dallas at the U.S. Open Championships. That same year I coached two club seasons at Lansing Area Volleyball Association. Following my playing career I continued with the MSU program as a student assistant coach in January 2011 and continued throughout this fall season.

Since beginning my coaching career at Michigan State, I have only heard great things about the AVCA Annual Convention. I was more than excited to hear the news that I was a recipient of the 2012 Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship to experience the convention for myself. What I am most looking forward to at the convention is to explore all of the events available and to capitalize on the endless networking opportunities.