Brittany Holbrook

2013 C4C Brittany Holbrook


Brittany Holbrook
  Wayne State University


AVCA: Who or what has made you want to pursue coaching?

Brittany Holbrook: Having this opportunity to get to learn from some of the greatest coaches and leaders in the country is a tremendous blessing. Not only just being involved within the athletic department and pursuing my passion and love for the game of volleyball, but I love watching players realize and progress towards their potential. There are few feelings greater than seeing a skill we were focusing on all week in practice, and seeing it successfully utilized in a game. As a coach, we still experience the joys of victories, heartaches of losing, and the memories that will last a lifetime. I want to pursue coaching to be an influence to players to grow as people and as volleyball players-with skills that will last for now and years to come.

AVCA: Who or what has been your biggest coaching influence?

BP: There are a few coaches that have made pivotal influences on my developing philosophies and qualities as a coach and as a leader. As a coach, Rob Beam held my team to high and reachable standards on how to be the best you can be-on and off of the court. He has helped me focus on the details and what will set you apart from good to great, whether it'd be in the professional world, in the classroom, or on the court. I have learned so much from him about volleyball from a statistical point of view, which will help you utilize different coaching strategies on a match-by-match basis. Rob had emphasized a family atmosphere and building lasting relationships with teammates. Though he influenced both the statistical emphasis of performing and winning, he influenced true and genuine friendships that I will have for the rest of my life.

Phil Nickel, head coach at Wayne State University, has helped me realize my potential as a coach for the future. I have learned from him different strategies, perspectives, and philosophies of coaching. You can always see the passion that Phil has for the game, and his desire for his team to succeed. His work ethic and his energy is something that makes him a successful coach in a competitive conference. I have had a great experience thus far working with him, and looking forward to gain more knowledge and experience in the future.

AVCA: Please list your past and present coaching/playing experiences:

- Current Assistant Coach at Wayne State University
- 4 Year Starter at Oakland University



AVCA: What are you most looking forward to at the 2012 AVCA Annual Convention?

BH: I'm most looking forward to all of the educational programs and learning from the many elite coaches around the country. I am excited to see the many different ways to execute drills, the variety of situational plays, and the advice and philosophies on how to help your team perform to their highest potential. I'm also excited to meet coaches from around the country and the networking aspect. And I've never been to Seattle before!