David Brown

2013 C4C David Brown


David Brown
 University of California Santa Barbara


AVCA: Who or what has made you want to pursue coaching?

David Brown: I love volleyball. I believe that most people at this convention would agree with me that it is impossible not to be around this sport. It comes from a passion and an intrinsic love for the game. I think that for some, it is a natural transition from playing to coaching when you really love a sport. It has been much easier to pursue my goal of collegiate coaching with such supportive people in my life. Paul and Joyce Brown, my parents, didn't put up a fight when I told them I was planning on moving to California, rather they smiled and asked what they could do to help (well, maybe there was a little yelling involved). My pursuit of coaching has only been strengthened by my time here at UCSB. Working with the coaching staff here and learning how to use Data Volley has really shown me how much I enjoy all the preparation and strategizing it takes to prepare for opponents, week in and week out. Recruiting is such a large component to a successful program and the recruiting aspect of the game is also something I have taken more of an interest in. Coaching club and being here at UCSB have allowed me to see both sides of the recruiting aspect and I know that it is something I want to pursue doing while coaching.  

AVCA: Who or what has been your biggest coaching influence?

DB: I am fortunate in the fact that I have many people in my life who have positively influenced my decision to coach, and who still do today. My parents told me to pick a profession that made me happy and that has always stuck with me. Mark Rushton, David Bayer, and Cathy Noth at Capital Volleyball Academy in Madison, Wisconsin, always supported my decision to pursue coaching. They gave me a chance to coach while helping me to always analyze my coaching philosophy and try to better it. They challenged me to be a better coach and person every time we were in the gym. Nicole Lantagne Welch, Kolby O'Donnell, and Chris Seiffert at UCSB have all been positive influences on my decision to coach. They have provided me with guidance, support, and experience that I will always be thankful for. They are an experienced staff that has shown me the work it takes to be successful at the Division I level. My friends Eli Sharping and Jake Barreau, the volunteer assistants at Georgia and Wisconsin, have been really good people to talk to and bounce ideas off of because not only did I coach club and high school with them, they are in the same position, doing the same things as I am now. Each level of volleyball I have coached at and the people I have met, from middle school to high school and now collegiately, have only reassured me that I have made the right decision to pursue coaching. 

AVCA: Please list your past and present coaching/playing experiences:

2008-2012- Wisconsin Men's Club Volleyball (Vice President 2011)
2010-2013- Oregon High School Varsity Coach (Oregon, WI)
2010-2013- Coach at Capital Volleyball Academy (16 2's, 17 2's, 18 1's, and 16 1's)
2012-21013- University of Georgia and Wisconsin Volleyball Camps
2013- Volunteer Assistant at the University of California Santa Barbara. 

AVCA: What are you most looking forward to at the 2012 AVCA Annual Convention?

DB: Everyone I have talked to who has attended the AVCA Convention has said nothing but positive things about their experience. I am most looking forward to networking, meeting new people, and learning. The amount of knowledge and experience at the convention is unrivaled, and I want to learn as much as I can while I am there. Coaches from the most successful collegiate programs in the country will be in attendance and I am curious to hear what they feel makes a successful program. I am excited to hear from the panel in the "Why We Win" session, look at the AVCA Career Center to get my name out, and see the highest caliber college volleyball in both the NCAA semi-finals and the finals. I am also looking forward to hearing from the other recipients of the Coaches 4 Coaches scholarship and their experiences this past season. I am sure we have a lot of things in common and I am sure they have thought of other great things about this convention that I have missed.