Pre-Convention Seminar

Pre-Convention Seminar:  Good to Great - Concepts for Training and Coaching


Morning Session
Walt Ker for Web
The Overlooked Mechanics in Attacking - Drills and Techniques for Developing Your Players (Mateflex Court 2)     

Wednesday, December 18, 9 a.m. - Noon 

Featured Speaker:

Walt Ker, Legacy Volleyball Club and former coach at Cal State Northridge & UCLA  



Join 50 year veteran and multiple national championship winning coach Walt Ker in this special in-depth session as he examines the arm swing and footwork mechanics of top attackers. Walt will use video analysis and on-court demonstrations to break down the mechanics of attacking.  This presentation will identify common errors in attacking and offer drills and training ideas to overcome these errors and improve the skill level of your players. In addition, Walt will discuss developing the skill of left brain vs. right brain learning. Coaches will leave this presentation with strategies on how to make your players better learners in the gym.


Afternoon Session
Terry Pettit Photo
Traits of the Extraordinary - Coaching Behaviors that Separate Good Coaches from Elite Coaches (WSCC 606 - 609)    

Wednesday, December 18, 1:15 - 4:15 p.m.  

Featured Speaker:

Terry Pettit, Terry Pettit Coaching Enhancement & former University of Nebraska Head Coach




What is it that separates good coaches from great coaches? Is it experience, preparation, teaching ability, recruiting or a combination of skills and talent that push some coaches to another level? Terry Pettit, national championship winning coach and three-time National Coach of the Year, will explore specific coaching behaviors and characteristics that distinguish good coaches from elite coaches. Terry will share common traits of the most successful coaches and help you evaluate where you are personally in making yourself the best coach you can be.  



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