Career Center


Instructions for Posting a Job (Job Poster)

  • Job Poster will drop off Job Announcement at Registration.  If possible, keep Job Announcement to one page.
  • Job Announcements are assigned a Job Number by AVCA Staff, and then posted on bulletin boards by AVCA Staff in the AVCA Career Center section of the AVCA Coaches Zone in Volleyball Marketplace, which opens Thursday.
  • Job Poster will then go to Registration periodically throughout the three-day period to see if any resumes have been submitted for his or her Job Announcements.


Instructions for Seeking a Job (Job Seeker)

  • Job Seekers will look at the Job Announcements in the AVCA Career Center section of the AVCA Coaches Zone in Volleyball Marketplace beginning Thursday, and note the Job Announcements that interest them.  Job Announcements will have been assigned a Job Number.
  • Job Seekers will then take a copy of their resume to Registration.
  • Job Seeker resume MUST include: 1) Job Number and 2) Job Seeker's local contact number on the FRONT of the resume.
  • Job Seekers will need a separate resume for each Job Announcement for which they apply.
  • If resume is more than one page long, please bring the resume already stapled to Registration.
  • Job Seekers are encouraged to continue to look at Job Announcements in AVCA Career Center, as new jobs can be posted throughout the three-day period.


Instructions for Scheduling Interview Room

  • Once Job Poster has looked at submitted resumes and has picked Job Seeker(s) to interview, Job Poster goes to the Interview Room Timesheets, located near Registration, and sets up an interview time with Job Seeker(s), based upon availability of Job Poster, Job Seeker(s), and Interview Room.
  • Job Poster schedules time for interview on Interview Room Timesheets. Job Poster is to include his or her name or institution name on Interview Room Timesheets, and NOT INCLUDE name of Job Seeker.
  • Interview Room Timesheets are divided into 30-minute blocks. If Job Poster thinks he or she will need more than 30 minutes for an interview, please schedule more than one 30-minute block on Interview Room Timesheets.
  • Room numbers/names and available times will be posted on Interview Room Timesheets, located near Registration.
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