The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is pleased to announce a partnership with Coaches Inc., a legal and professional career services company dedicated to representing and protecting coaches. Coaches Inc. works only with sports coaches and has a diverse and impressive group of clients and partners, as well as over 10 years of assisting coaches in various aspects of their career. The focus of Coaches Inc. is:

  • contract negotiation and improvement
  • career planning
  • consulting
  • assisting in any situation that may arise throughout a coach’s career

“We know the legal environment facing volleyball coaches is getting more complex each day,” said former AVCA Executive Director, Kathy DeBoer, “Finding a reputable partner who would offer a free consultation on career-related issues seemed like a valuable enhancement of our membership benefits. AVCA can’t pay your legal costs, but we can help you get professional guidance on whether you need representation or not.”

As part of the agreement Coaches Inc. will be on site at the annual AVCA Convention and participate in educational programming on legal matters facing the coaching community. The decision to contract with Coaches Inc. for services would be a voluntary decision of each AVCA member. The partnership with the AVCA is modeled on a successful relationship already in place between Coaches Inc. and the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA).

“We’re very excited to be partnering with the AVCA at a time when participation and interest in the sport of volleyball seems to be at an all-time high,” said Garry Rosenfield of Coaches Inc. “It’s clear that volleyball coaches are beginning to face similar challenges and issues that coaches in other collegiate sports have faced before them. It’s exciting to help any coach reach their full potential, and with organizations like the AVCA looking to enhance their members’ experience and success, this is a perfect fit.”

How to Access

  • Reach out to AVCA CEO Jaime Gordon via email or call 606-207-5101
  • We will confirm your membership, reach out to Coaches Inc., and have their lawyers contact you directly
  • All information is kept confidential