Webinar | The Art & Science of Arm Swing Coaching: Physical, Technical, and Mental strategies for reducing injuries and increasing velocity

Join Mischa Harris, MSc and Nick Del Bianco from the Athlete Wellness Academy to dive into a comprehensive approach to making changes to the arm swing. Blending 20 years of experience in movement science, strength & conditioning, and injury prevention with decades of experience playing and coaching internationally, Mischa and Nick will discuss how to identify whether players are limited by physical, technical, or mental inefficiencies, and offer approachable solutions for training each. You will leave with a new eye for evaluating the arm swing, and effective strategies for making quick and lasting changes.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the different types of arm swing patterns and how they contribute to velocity potential and injury prevalence.
- Uncover the physical prerequisites for certain aspects of attacking and why some athletes struggle to make changes on court.
- Discover a roadmap of how to create changes in attacking technique and when to use which tools - physical, technical, or mental.

Presenter: Mischa Harris (Athlete Wellness Academy) and Nick Del Bianco (Athlete Wellness Academy)

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