The AVCA has been coordinating polls for volleyball since the organization was founded in 1981. Over the years, more polls have been added to the mix, and currently the AVCA manages coaches polls for all five levels of NCAA women’s and men’s indoor volleyball, as well as collegiate beach and high school girls and boys volleyball. AVCA-member coaches, representing all conferences and divisions, serve as the voters.

While the polls managed by the AVCA vary in terms of number of teams ranked and total voters, there are many commonalities. Here are some basics regarding AVCA polls:

  • Each “poll year” includes a preseason poll, polls each week of the regular season, and one at the end of the season
  • Voters in each poll include a group of AVCA-member coaches that represent schools in each conference and/or different geographic areas
  • The AVCA works with coaches, board members, and conference representatives to develop its list of poll voters for the season. This request process starts 2-3 months before the season until all the spots are filled, based on outreach from the AVCA to potential voters. Coaches who want to serve on the poll committee can also email the AVCA and volunteer to assist.
  • For all of the college polls, the AVCA secures the same number of voters from all conferences within that division, and a voter/voters representing independent teams is also included.
  • The AVCA provides voters with results documents from the prior week, which coaches use to help them make their decisions. They typically have between 18-24 hours to review the results and vote through the AVCA’s online portal.

Check out the main page for the AVCA polls, or visit the Polls Archives page with results of previous polls from across the years


Interested in being a poll voter?

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