Mental Health Literacy Workbook

Your impact expands far beyond Xs & Os and wins & losses. You play a critical role in the development of the young people you get to coach.

The AVCA worked with WholeHealth Sport to create this workbook that provides an overview of mental health literacy with three foundational pillars to help you begin to create healthy, high-performing cultures - where the mental well-being of athletes and coaches are centered. This workbook will provide detailed descriptions and examples of things you can do to cultivate mental health literacy and create a culture of mental well-being on your team:

  • Normalize integrating mental well-being into practice and competitions
  • Notice changes in behavior and learn how to approach
  • Know who and what your resources are and how to access them

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There are so many priorities competing for your time, AND, to be your best,
you must care for your own mental well-being

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