What is the avcaVPI™?

The avcaVPI™ is the only validated indicator of college-level athleticism, created specifically for volleyball. It was created by the AVCA based on feedback from college coaches, in order to increase the use of data-based decision-making in training and recruiting.

An avcaVPI™ score is a composite score of electronically-validated tests measuring:

  • standing vertical jump
  • arm swing velocity
  • height of attack
  • two-handed block touch
  • pro-agility and acceleration

An avcaVPI™ score allows players to compare their results with other players the same age, others at the same position, or players currently on college teams. View an explanation of avcaVPI™ assessments.

How to access the avcaVPI™ Portal:

Login information for the avcaVPI™ Portal is the same as your AVCA Member login information. 

Please note that during your first login to the avcaVPI™ Portal, you must select a tenant in order to access the site: 

  • Above the ‘Log In’ text, you will see text that says ‘Current Tenant: Not selected’
  • Click ‘Change’, toggle the switch by ‘Switch to Tenant’
  • Enter ‘Default’ into the Tenancy Name




avcaVPI™ Research and Resources:

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