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avca member benefits

We’re not just blowing smoke. The American Volleyball Coaches Association offers the very best in coaching education materials for all levels of the sport. Benefits include full access to the website and all of its resources. However, membership is so much more than being able to find great videos, photos, webinars and articles about the most pressing issues surrounding volleyball coaching. It’s about being a part of a community larger than yourself, and the comfort of knowing you are not alone. In fact, we even offer a mentor-mentee program for the coaches who feel they have so much to teach and the ones with so much to learn.

In addition, AVCA members get discounted items in our product store and a lower registration cost for our most popular events. AVCA members even have the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets for NCAA Volleyball Championships.

You’ll find that after not very long, a membership will pay for itself and then some by simply enjoying a handful of the member benefits. We view every membership as a challenge for us to provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to become the best coach possible.

AVCA Member Benefits

The ability to nominate for and be eligible to win any number of our awards programs…

General Recognition and Awards Programs

Collegiate Recognition & Awards Programs

High School Recognition & Awards Programs


Member Discounted Pricing

Pre-Sale Ticket Purchasing Opportunities for NCAA Volleyball Championships


Joe Sagula - University of North Carolina Head Women's Volleyball Coach
former AVCA President, AVCA member since 1981

"The AVCA is focused on providing you the opportunity to reach out to coaches at all levels from across the country. I invite you to embrace this organization as a professional by doing your part in support of fellow coaches."

Mary Wise - University of Florida Head Women's Volleyball Coach
AVCA Past-President, AVCA member since 1981

"The charge of the AVCA is to help promote volleyball at all levels. We have an opportunity by joining the AVCA to become better volleyball coaches. I think it's our responsibility to work hard to become better and we have an avenue to do so by the AVCA."

John Dunning - Stanford University Head Women's Volleyball Coach AVCA member since 1981

"Volleyball is a sport that grows by groundswell and you need someone to organize it. For the volleyball world, the AVCA has been the guiding light. The attention that is being drawn to our sport has been drawn through the AVCA."