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At the most recent AVCA Board of Directors meeting in May, the board spent quite a bit of time evaluating our Association and how we can continue to deliver outstanding member benefits and resources that serve the needs of our community and enrich the volleyball coaching profession. The AVCA’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling our mission of advancing the sport of volleyball for all levels of volleyball lies in our ability to continue to maintain and develop events, coaching education content, industry resources, programs, partnerships, and recognition opportunities designed to grow you as a coach, mentor, and leader.

To fund the Association’s vision for our community, the AVCA Board of Directors approved a dues increase of ten dollars for college coaches and five dollars for high school/interscholastic coaches, club coaches, support, and student membership categories starting on July 1, 2018.

The “value proposition” of AVCA membership is clear. What do I ‘get’ for what I ‘pay’? You get an organization committed to advancing the sport of volleyball at all levels across all disciplines. You get the timely and relevant services and programming to advance you as a volleyball coach and leader.

We hope you will find that value proposition worth your investment. Thank you for being a part of our community or considering it. AVCA membership is always in season! Your season is NOW…

Kennedy D. Wells
AVCA Director of Membership, Research & Board Relations

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AVCA Individual Membership Categories



NCAA Div I Women's Head Coach

*$255 membership + $100 multimedia dues ($265 + $100 eff. 7/1/18)


NCAA Div I Men's Head Coach $225 $235
NCAA Div II & III Head Coach $180 $190
NAIA, TYC, NCCAA & USCAA Head Coach $165 $175
Collegiate Beach Coach $165 $175
NCAA Div I Assistant Coach $155 $165


$115 $125

JVA Club Director

*This is a dual membership with the AVCA and JVA; benefits of both associations. For more information on the JVA, please click here.



USAV Club Director

*This membership includes AVCA benefits.



High School/Interscholastic Coach (Interscholastic includes Middle School, Junior High, and Elementary School volleyball coaches)

High School Coaches can earn a FREE AVCA MEMBERSHIP through participating in a Side-Out Foundation Dig Pink Fundraising event. Learn how you can start your campaign by visiting


Graduate Assistant $85 $90
International Coach $80 $85
Club Coach $80 $85
Administrator $75 $80
Affiliate $75 $80
Director of Operations $80 $85
Electronic International $55 $60
Student Membership $55 $60


AVCA Organizational Membership Categories Price 

NCAA D-I Institution Membership (up to 5 members)

DII, DIII, NAIA, TYC, NCCAA & USCAA Institution Memberships (up to 3 members) $329
Collegiate Beach Volleyball Institution Membership (up to 3 members) $280
High School Membership (up to 5 members) $215
Tier 1 Club Membership (1-11 members) $425
Tier 2 Club Membership (12-26 members) $610
Tier 3 Club Membership (27-60 members) $1,050
Club Membership (61+ members) Contact AVCA

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