A Holistic Guide to Professional Development

Recently, I was listening to one of my favorite coaching podcasts: “Coaching DNA,” which was created by Travis Wyckoff. On the podcast, Wyckoff, who markets himself as a coach for coaches and runs a consulting business called Kingdom Coaching, sits down with coaches, administrators, and sports professionals from across the athletics landscape to pick their brains and hear their thoughts on leadership, team building, culture, and learning.

While Travis’ background as a baseball player and former collegiate coach lends itself to the guest list skewing toward current baseball coaches, his reach into other sports is abundantly clear. Volleyball coaches are featured with a high level of frequency, and he has talked with volleyball leaders such as Kevin Hambly, Christy Johnson Lynch, John Mayer, Travis Hudson, Jen Greeny, and many more.

Whenever I listen to any of his guests, I am constantly taking away information and coaching tactics to apply to my own coaching journey. While listening to a recent episode, I found myself thinking, “With all of the esteemed minds and great leaders that Travis has spoken with on this podcast, surely he must have some great advice of his own that he has formulated from all of these conversations.”

So, I reached out to Travis and asked if he would be willing to chat and offer advice on how coaches, of any sport or level, can always be filling their toolbelt with ways to grow and best practices for coaches to always be learning. Thankfully, Travis accepted my invite, and what came of our conversation was even better than I could have imagined!

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