New Priorities for Teaching Volleyball to Kids: Making it Fast and Fun (presented by Art of Coaching)

Join us for an exhilarating session titled 'New Priorities for Teaching Volleyball to Kids: Making it Fast & Fun,' where we will delve into innovative approaches to captivate young minds and accelerate their learning in the realm of volleyball. Our focus on life lessons and identifying values first sets the stage for success breeding success. Prioritizing challenge becomes a cornerstone, emphasizing both skill development and decision-making prowess. Learn effective strategies to make volleyball fast and fun, covering aspects such as dynamic warm-ups, skill priorities, and ace prevention. Explore the art of minimizing drill formats while maximizing creative variations, incorporating freeze-framing techniques and engaging small-sided games. Embrace the mantra of worshipping the rally and ensuring more players actively participate. Discover the importance of teaching tactics and decision-making from day one, integrating systems seamlessly. Be prepared to take home valuable 'homework' to reinforce the newfound knowledge and create a holistic approach to teaching volleyball that is both thrilling and impactful.

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