The Empire Strikes Back Drill

The Empire Strokes Back: A 6v6 drill to affect the front row passer

Just like Darth Vader took Luke’s hand in The Empire Strikes Back, you too can win the rally if you can affectively take out the front row passer.  In all reality there is zero meaning behind the name of the drill.  We just couldn’t come up with a name.

The drill, that involves all aspects of play, was developed for several reasons.  One of which is at the end of many close sets both teams and most people in the gym know what is going to happen due to match-ups, strengths, and/or weaknesses.  Both teams know which passer (or zone) that the server will be attacking, so:

  1. How consistently can the serving team exploit what they perceive as an advantage?
  2. How can the receiving team adjust and/or compensate for that potential disadvantage?

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