Understanding and Developing a Strong “Next Play”/”Next Ball” Mental Re-Set Approach

To effectively compete, every player must be able to mentally re-set their focus forward to the next play from the previous play. How well the player mentally re-sets for each “next ball” or “next play” situation is a significant factor for success.

Coaches and teammates have a major impact on a player’s ability to mentally refocus on the “next play” or “next ball”. How do the best coaches train a strong “next ball” or “next play” mental approach? What are effective ways to help your players learn how to mentally “re-set” for the “next play” or “next ball”, especially after a mistake during a match?

This workshop will present the results from in-depth interviews with many of the best coaches in the nation on the topic of “next play” or “next ball” psychology. Player thoughts and opinions obtained from interviews on this topic will also be presented. What do players want, and not want, from their coaches in terms of strengthening their “next play” or “next ball” mindset?

Specific ideas on “next play” or “next ball” mental training in terms of communication and motivation techniques will also be included.

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