The popularity of beach volleyball (formally known as sand) has exploded over the last few years. It made the quickest transition from an emerging sport to a championship sport in NCAA history. It’s also the fastest growing NCAA sport over the last five years in Division I. The AVCA has been at the forefront of the beach scene, and as a result are producing the very best online materials you can find. As you’ll see, it’s way more than just the basics. You’ll find information on transitioning from indoor to beach, starting a program from scratch and analyzing current top-level players just to name a few.


Membership Options

We have membership options specifically tailored to the beach coach.

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High School Beach All-American

Learn more about nominations for the High School Beach All-American Awards. (2017 nomination dates coming soon)

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College Varsity Programs
beach volleyball facilities


A detailed guide on how to build the right beach court(s).

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Add a Program

Add a Program

Often court coaches help make the argument that adding a beach team makes sense. Here are resources to help you prepare a report for your administration.

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beach volleyball rules and legislation

Beach Volleyball Rules and Legislation

So you’ve built the best beach courts around. Now what? Get up-to-date on what you need to know.

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beach volleyball research


What does the research say about beach volleyball? Click here to find out.

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beach volleyball handbooks

USAV Collegiate Beach Championships

The USAV Collegiate Beach Championships will return in 2018, taking place on May 9-12 at Hermosa Beach, CA. The competition will feature an expanded field of up to 32 teams per gender. The event is part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series, and the finals will be broadcast on NBCSN. 

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