Division I All-America Teams

Kansas City, Mo. (December 13, 2017) - The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is proud to announce the 37th annual AVCA Division I All-America Teams for women's volleyball. The awards will be presented Dec. 15 in Kansas City, Mo. at the AVCA All-America/Players of the Year Banquet. The event is held in conjunction with the 2017 AVCA Convention.

Each of the three AVCA All-America Teams is comprised of 14 athletes. The Division I TeamSnap/AVCA National Player of the Year will be announced on Dec. 15 at the AVCA All-America/Players of the Year Banquet. This year’s class is led by three, four-time AVCA All-Americans: Florida’s Rhamat Alhassan, Texas’ Chiaka Ogbogu, and Stanford’s Merete Lutz.

The selections were made by the AVCA Division I All-America Committee: Chair: Cathy George, Michigan State; South Region: Karen Weatherington, UNC Charlotte; East Region; Christy Pfeffenberger, Xavier; East Coast Region: Michelle Collier, Georgia Tech; Midwest Region: Melissa Stokes, Missouri State; North Region: Shane Davis, Northwestern; Northeast Region: Ryan Baker, Colgate; Pacific North Region: Marc Swindle, Air Force; Pacific South Region; Beth Launiere, Utah; Southeast Region: Tom Black, Georgia; Southwest Region: Jill Kramer, TCU.


First Name Last Name School Pos. Year
 Rhamat  Alhassan#$!  University of Florida  MB  Sr.
 Adora  Anae^  University of Utah  OH  Sr.
 Danielle  Cuttino  Purdue University  MB/OH  Sr.
 Leah  Edmond#  University of Kentucky  OH  So.
 Jenna  Gray  Stanford University  S  So.
 Morgan  Hentz  Stanford University  L  So.
 Kelly  Hunter^  University of Nebraska  S  Sr.
 Khalia  Lanier  University of Southern California  OH  So.
 Simone  Lee*  Penn State University  OH  Sr.
 Chiaka  Ogbogu$&/  University of Texas  MB  RS-Sr.
 Kathryn  Plummer*  Stanford University  OH  So.
 Dana  Rettke  University of Wisconsin  MB  Fr.
 Stephanie  Samedy  University of Minnesota  RS  Fr.
 Haleigh  Washington*$  Penn State University  MB  Sr.


First Name Last Name School Pos. Year
 Annika  Albrecht  University of Nebraska  OH  Sr.
 Autumn  Bailey  Michigan State University  OH  RS-Sr.
 Audriana  Fitzmorris  Stanford University  MB  So.
 Mikaela  Foecke  University of Nebraska  OH  Jr.
 Alyssa  Garvelink^  Michigan State University  MB  Sr.
 Madeleine  Gates  UCLA  MB  So.
 Shainah  Joseph  University of Florida  RS  RS-Sr.
 Madison  Lilley  University of Kentucky  S  Fr.
 Merete  Lutz#@!  Stanford University  RS  RS-Sr.
 Emily  Maglio  University of Hawai'i  MB  Sr.
 Samantha  Seliger-Swenson*@  University of Minnesota  S  Jr.
 Alexa  Smith  University of Colorado  OH  Jr.
 Carli  Snyder  University of Florida  OH  Sr.
 Kendall  White  Penn State University  L  So.


First Name Last Name School Pos. Year
 Brittany  Abercrombie  University of Southern California  RS  Sr.
 Sherridan  Atkinson  Purdue University  RS  RS-Jr.
 Ali  Bastianelli  University of Illinois  MB  Jr.
 Alyssa  Cavanaugh  Western Kentucky University  OH  Sr.
 Carly  DeHoog  University of Washington  RS  Sr.
 Kristen  Gengenbacher  University of San Diego  S  Sr.
 Alexis  Hart  University of Minnesota  OH  So.
 Lily  Johnson  Missouri State University  OH  Sr.
 Veronica  Jones-Perry  BYU  OH  Jr.
 Rachael  Kramer  University of Florida  MB  So.
 Kelsie  Payne*$  University of Kansas  RS  Sr.
 Jordyn  Poulter  University of Illinois  S  Jr.
 Carly  Skjodt  University of Michigan  OH  Jr.
 Micaya  White*  University of Texas  OH  RS-So.

* indicates 2016 AVCA First-Team All-America selection
^ indicates 2016 AVCA Second-Team All-America selection
# indicates 2016 AVCA Third-Team All-America selection
$ indicates 2015 AVCA First-Team All-America selection
@ indicates 2015 AVCA Second-Team All-America selection
% indicates 2015 AVCA Third-Team All-America selection
& indicates 2014 AVCA First-Team All-American selection
! indicates 2014 AVCA Second-Team All-America selection
+ indicates a 2014 AVCA Third-Team All-American selection
/ indicates a 2013 AVCA Second-Team All-America selection

2017 Division I AVCA Freshman of the Year: Dana Rettke, Wisconsin, MB
2017 Division I TeamSnap/AVCA Player of the Year: Announced at the AVCA All-America/Players of the Year Banquet on Friday, December 15th. 

2017 AVCA Division I Honorable Mention All-America

First Name Last Name School Pos. Year
 Symone  Abbott  Northwestern  OH  Sr.
 Taylor  Agost  Oregon  RS  RS-Sr.
 Tami  Alade  Stanford  MB  Jr.
 Rachel  Anderson  Western Kentucky  MB  Jr.
 Taylor  Bannister  LSU  RS  Fr.
 Allie  Barber  Marquette  OH  So.
 Julia  Brown  NC State  OH  Sr.
 Kaz  Brown  Kentucky  MB  Sr.
 Tabitha  Brown  Wichita State  OH  Jr.
 Cosy  Burnett  BYU  MB  Sr.
 Emily  Butters  Missouri State  L  Jr.
 Ryann  DeJarld  Notre Dame  L  Jr.
 Brynna  Deluzio  Colorado  S  Fr.
 Abby  Detering  Penn State  S/H  Sr.
 Lydia  Dimke  Creighton  S  Sr.
 Ashley  Dusek  Kentucky  L  Sr.
 Jesse  Earl  Auburn  L  Sr.
 Alyssa  Enneking  Oklahoma  OH  Sr.
 Amber  Erhahon  Dayton  MB  Sr.
 Ashley  Evans  Purdue  S  RS-Sr.
 Shelly  Fanning  Baylor  MB  RS-So.
 Ali  Frantti  Penn State  OH  Sr.
 Jasmine  Hanna  Colorado State  OH  Sr.
 Ainise  Havili  Kansas  S  Sr.
 Hali  Hillegas  Iowa State  L  RS-So.
 Sydney  Hilley  Wisconsin  S  Fr.
 Briana  Holman  Nebraska  MB  Sr.
 Heather  Hook  Northern Iowa  S  Sr.
 Jayden  Kennedy  San Diego  RS  Sr.
 Claire  Kieffer-Wright  Michigan  MB  Sr.
 Caroline  Knop  Florida  L  Sr.
 Milica  Kubura  Florida State  RS  Sr.
 Mary  Lake  BYU  L  So.
 Hannah  Lockin  Baylor  S  Fr.
 Molly  Lohman  Minnesota  MB  Sr.
 Tawnee  Luafalemana  Utah  MB  Sr.
 Jessica  Lucas  Western Kentucky  S  Sr.
 Nika  Markovic  Pittsburgh  RS  So.
 Mary-Kate  Marshall  Oregon State  OH  Sr.
 Cat  McCoy  Texas  L  Sr.
 McKenna  Miller  BYU  OH  So.
 Rachel  Minarick  Michigan State  S  Sr.
 Alyssa  Munlyn  Missouri  MB  Jr.
 Zana  Muno  UCLA  L  Jr.
 Taylor  Nelson  Cal Poly  S  Sr.
 Sierra  Nobley  Boise State  OH  Sr.
 Ebony  Nwanebu  Texas  RS  RS-Sr.
 Berkeley  Oblad  Utah  MB  Jr.
 Katie  Oleksak  Colorado State  S  So.
 Courtney  Pence  Illinois State  L  Jr.
 Addison  Picha  San Diego  MB  Jr.
 Kylie  Pickrell  NC State  S  Jr.
 Yossiana  Pressley  Baylor  OH  Fr.
 Madison  Rigdon  Kansas  OH  Sr.
 Wilma  Rivera  Louisville  S  Jr.
 Lindsey  Ruddins  UC Santa Barbara  OH  RS-So.
 Tia  Scambray  Washington  L  Sr.
 Jess  Schaben  Iowa State  OH  Jr.
 Courtney  Schwan  Washington  OH  Sr.
 Mikayla  Shields  South Carolina  RS  So.
 Ashley  Shook  Texas  S  Fr.
 Sarah  Sponcil  UCLA  S  Sr.
 Olga  Strantzali  Miami  OH  Sr.
 Lexi  Sun  Texas  OH  Fr.
 Karlie  Taylor  Northern Iowa  OH  So.
 Haley  Templeton  Miami  S  Sr.
 Heidi  Thelen  Penn State  RS  Sr.
 Piper  Thomas  Northern Iowa  MB  Jr.
 Holly  Toliver  Michigan State  RS  Sr.
 Adlee  Van Winden Cal Poly  OH Jr.
 Torrey  Van Winden Cal Poly  RS So.
 Pilar  Victoria Arkansas  OH RS-Sr.
 Ashley  Wenz Ohio State  OH Sr.
 Marysa  Wilkinson Creighton  MB Sr.
 Stephanie  Williams Pittsburgh  OH RS-So.
 Tionna  Williams Wisconsin  MB Jr.
 Brittany  Witt Creighton  L So.

AVCA First-Team All-America

Rhamat Alhassan, Florida, MB, Sr.
Stats: 2.69 K/S, .399 Hitting %, 1.75 B/S
Four-time AVCA All-American (2016: Third-Team, 2015: First-Team, 2014: Second-Team)…Second player in Gators history to garner All-American honors four times (Kelly Murphy: 2008-2011).

Adora Anae, Utah, OH, Sr.
Stats: 4.38 K/S, .232 Hitting %, 3.16 D/S, 0.44 B/S
Two-time AVCA All-American (2016: Second-Team)…Utah’s first AVCA First-Team accolade…First player in program history to garner multiple All-America awards.

Danielle Cuttino, Purdue, MB/OH, Sr.
Stats: 4.09 K/S, .335 Hitting %, 0.91 B/S
Fourth different Boilermaker to make the First-Team (Ariel Turner, Stephanie Lynch, Marianne Smith).

Leah Edmond, Kentucky, OH, So.
Stats: 4.53 K/S, .310 Hitting %, 2.01 K/S, 0.55 B/S
Back-to-back AVCA All-American (2016: Third-Team)…The second player for the Wildcats to garner multiple All-American honors (Whitney Billings, 2012-2013)…First player to make the First-Team since Marsha Bond and Karolyn Kirby (1983).

Jenna Gray, Stanford, S, So.
Stats: 12.14 A/S, .322 Team Hitting %, 1.45 D/S, 0.74 B/S|
One of two AVCA First-Team All-Americans for Stanford…That brings the Cardinal First-Team certificate total to 53, which are the most in Division I…Nebraska is second with 45.

Morgan Hentz, Stanford, L, So.
Stats: 4.04 D/S, .178 Opponent Team Hitting %
Second consecutive year Stanford lands two AVCA First-Team All-Americans…Joins Penn State as the only other team to do that in 2016 + 2017.

Kelly Hunter, Nebraska, S, Sr.
Stats: 10.84 A/S, .285 Team Hitting %, 2.67 D/S, 0.53 B/S
Two-time AVCA All-American (2016: Second-Team)…Twenty-seventh different Husker to garner AVCA First-Team honors.

Khalia Lanier, USC, OH, So.
Stats: 4.29 K/S, .249 Hitting %, 2.37 D/S, 0.36 B/S
The Trojans are now tied with cross-town rival UCLA for the six-most all-time AVCA First-Team certificates (26)…Seventeenth different First-Team player for USC overall.

Simone Lee, Penn State, OH, Sr.
Stats: 3.90 K/S, .321 Hitting %, 2.24 D/S, 0.58 B/S
Second consecutive AVCA First-Team honor…Fourteenth different Nittany Lion to garner two straight AVCA First-Team awards.

Chiaka Ogbogu, Texas, MB, RS-Sr.
Stats: 2.58 K/S, .399 Hitting %, 1.64 B/S
Four-time AVCA All-American (2015: First-Team, 2014: First-Team, 2013: Second-Team)… Third Longhorn to make All-American four times (Haley Eckerman, Demetria Sance)…Eckerman is the only other to make First-Team three of the four years.

Kathryn Plummer, Stanford, OH, So.
Stats: 4.73 K/S, .323 Hitting %, 1.93 D/S, 0.75 B/S
Second AVCA First-Team award in as many years…Stanford leads this year’s class with three AVCA First-Team All-Americans…The Cardinal’s first season with at least three AVCA First-Team All-Americans since 2014 (Inky Ajanaku, Madi Bugg, Jordan Burgess).

Dana Rettke, Wisconsin, MB, Fr.
Stats: 3.42 K/S, .443 Hitting %, 1.37 B/S
First Badger First-Team All-American not named Lauren Carlini since 2001 (Sherisa Livingston).

Stephanie Samedy, Minnesota, RS, Sr.
Stats: 4.05 K/S, .303 Hitting %, 2.82 D/S, 0.74 B/S
The Gophers’ 12th all-time AVCA First-Team certificate…One of just 13th programs in Division I with double-digit First-Team certificates.

Haleigh Washington, Penn State, MB, Sr.
Stats: 3.06 K/S, .512 Hitting %, 1.47 B/S
Three-time AVCA First-Team All-American (2016, 2015)…Fifth Nittany Lion to grab three First-Team honors…Joins fellow First-Teamer Chiaka Ogbogu as the 31st and 32nd all-time three-time AVCA First-Team All-Americans.

AVCA Second-Team All-America

Annika Albrecht, Nebraska, OH, Sr.
Stats: 3.08 K/S, .266 Hitting %, 2.74 D/S, 0.47 B/S
Alongside teammate Mikaela Foecke, become the 42nd and 43rd different AVCA All-American for Nebraska…Most all-time.

Autumn Bailey, Michigan State, OH, RS-Sr.
Stats: 3.61 K/S, .279 Hitting %, 3.17 D/S
Tenth different Spartan to garner All-American honors…Michigan State becomes the 21st program to have at least 10 All-Americans.

Audriana Fitzmorris, Stanford, MB, So.
Stats: 2.34 K/S, .386 Hitting %, 1.51 B/S
Alongside teammates Jenna Gray and Morgan Hentz, become Stanford All-American number 35, 36, 37…One of a team-leading five AVCA All-Americans in this year’s class…First time the Cardinal has ever had five AVCA All-Americans in one class.

Mikaela Foecke, Nebraska, OH, Jr.
Stats: 3.47 K/S, .293 Hitting %, 2.26 D/S, 0.50 B/S
Nebraska joins Penn State, Florida, Stanford, and Minnesota as the only schools in this year’s class to have at least three AVCA All-Americans.

Alyssa Garvelink, Michigan State, MB, Sr.
Stats: 2.59 K/S, .374 Hitting %, 1.35 B/S
Two-time AVCA All-American (2016: Second-Team)…Third Spartan to garner multiple AVCA All-American awards (Val Sterk, Lauren Wicinski).

Madeleine Gates, UCLA, MB, So.
Stats: 2.82 K/S, .338 Hitting %, 1.19 B/S
Thirtieth different All-American for the Bruins…One of seven teams with at least 30 All-Americans.

Shainah Joseph, Florida, RS, RS-Sr.
Stats: 2.55 K/S, .366 Hitting %, 0.78 B/S
Alongside teammates Carli Snyder and Rachael Kramer, become the 24th, 25th, and 26th different All-American in Gators history…Eight most all-time.

Madison Lilley, Kentucky, S, Fr.
Stats: 12.14 A/S, .318 Team Hitting %, 1.99 D/S, 0.59 B/S
Eleventh different Wildcat to garner All-American honors…This year marks the second time in program history that one season has yielded multiple AVCA All-Americans (1983).

Merete Lutz, Stanford, RS, RS-Sr.
Stats: 2.94 K/S, .316 Hitting %, 1.01 B/S
Four-time AVCA All-American (2016: Third-Team, 2014-2015: Second-Team)…Alongside fellow All-Americans Alhassan and Ogbogu, become the 27th , 28th, and 29th players in AVCA history to be named an AVCA All-American four times.

Emily Maglio, Hawai’i, MB, Sr.
Stats: 3.35 K/S, .381 Hitting %, 1.46 B/S
Joins UCLA and USC as the fifth, sixth, and seventh teams to have at least 30 All-Americans…The Wahine have had at least one All-American in nine of the last ten years.

Samantha Seliger-Swenson, Minnesota, S, Jr.
Stats: 12.21 A/S, .285 Team Hitting %, 2.69 D/S, 0.47 B/S
Three-time AVCA All-American (2016: First-Team, 2015: Second-Team)…Second Gopher to win three times (Paula Gentil, 2002-2004).

Alexa Smith, Colorado, OH, Jr.
Stats: 3.97 K/S, .241 Hitting %, 2.83 D/S
Third All-American in program history (2014: Taylor Simpson, 2006: Ashley Nu’u)…Now every Pac-12 program has no fewer than three All-Americans in their respective histories.

Carli Snyder, Florida, OH, Sr.
Stats: 3.44 K/S, .231 Hitting %, 3.31 D/S, 0.51 B/S
With teammate Joseph, become the 15th and 16th Gators in program history to make the Second-Team.

Kendall White, Penn State, L, So.
Stats: 3.72 D/S, .168 Opponent Team Hitting %
Thirty-fourth different AVCA All-American for the Nittany Lions…Third-most all-time.

AVCA Third-Team All-America

Brittany Abercrombie, USC, RS, Sr.
Stats: 3.13 K/S, .281 Hitting %, 0.63 B/S
Thirtieth different Trojan to be honored with AVCA All-American status…Tied with UCLA for second-most All-Americans from a Pac-12 program (Stanford is No. 1 with 37).

Sherridan Atkinson, Purdue, RS, RS-Jr.
Stats: 3.40 K/S, .322 Hitting %, 0.93 D/S, 0.74 B/S
Alongside teammate Cuttino, become the seventh and eighth All-Americans in program history.

Ali Bastianelli, Illinois, MB, Jr.
Stats: 2.42 K/S, .378 Hitting %, 1.60 B/S
First time a pair of Illinois teammates made one All-American class since 2011 (Michelle Bartsch, Colleen Ward).

Alyssa Cavanaugh, Western Kentucky, OH, Sr.
Stats: 4.07 K/S, .357 Hitting %, 0.43 B/S
First AVCA All-American in program history…Four-time AVCA All-Region.

Carly DeHoog, Washington, RS, Sr.
Stats: 2.88 K/S, .305 Hitting %, 0.96 B/S
Twenty-third All-American for the Huskies…They’ve had at least one AVCA All-American in every class since 2002.

Kristen Gengenbacher, San Diego, S, Sr.
Stats: 11.64 A/S, .261 Team Hitting %, 2.69 D/S
Seventh different AVCA All-American in program history, and eighth certificate overall.

Alexis Hart, Minnesota, OH, So.
Stats: 3.78 K/S, .278 Hitting %, 1.04 D/S, 0.47 B/S
Alongside teammate Samedy, become the 20th and 21st All-Americans for the Gophers…With BYU, become the 11th and 12th Division I programs to honor at least 20 All-Americans.

Lily Johnson, Missouri State, OH, Sr.
Stats: 4.52 K/S, .254 Hitting %, 3.91 D/S
First AVCA All-American in program history…Four-time AVCA All-Region.

Veronica Jones-Perry, BYU, OH, Jr.
Stats: 4.82 K/S, .281 Hitting %, 1.53 D/S, 0.68 B/S
Twentieth All-American for the Cougars…Their 34 all-time All-American certificates are the second-most among mid-majors (Hawai’i: 58), and 10th all-time among all Division I.

Rachael Kramer, Florida, MB, So.
Stats: 2.75 K/S, .429 Hitting %, 1.06 B/S
The Gators now have 45 All-American certificates, which are eighth-most all-time…Most in the SEC.

Kelsie Payne, Kansas, RS, Sr.
Stats: 3.66 K/S, .295 Hitting %, 1.90 D/S, 0.68 B/S
Three-time AVCA All-American (2015 + 2016: First-Team)…First Jayhawk to garner All-American honors three times.

Jordyn Poulter, Illinois, S, Jr.
Stats: 10.69 A/S, .276 Team Hitting % 2.41 D/S, 0.91 B/S
With teammate Ali Bastianelli, become the 13th and 14th AVCA All-Americans in program history.

Carly Skjodt, Michigan, OH, Jr.
Stats: 3.67 K/S, .240 Hitting %, 2.31 D/S
Seventh AVCA All-American for the Wolverines…Six of their seven All-Americans have come since 2009.

Micaya White, Texas, OH, RS-So.
Stats: 3.40 K/S, .279 Hitting %, 2.63 D/S, 0.83 B/S
Second AVCA All-American award (2016: First-Team)…Fifteenth Longhorn to earn All-American accolades multiple times.