Board of Directors

AVCA board

The AVCA Board of Directors is made up of active coaches and administrators spanning almost every level of the sport. A lot of success the AVCA and the sport has enjoyed over the years has in large part been because of the work and decisions the board of directors have made. Despite the majority of the BoD being active coaches, they are able to set aside any personal agenda to grow and improve volleyball as a whole. They hold monthly phone calls with their respective head coaches committee in addition to regular communication with AVCA staff and other necessary parties.

The board works on three-year rotations and is an elected position.

They are allowed to run for re-election after their first three years for an additional three years. If you are interested in running for a board of directors position, please reach out to Kennedy Wells.

Mark Rosen

President (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: University of Michigan

  • 734-647-3035

Christy Johnson-Lynch

Past President (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Iowa State University

  • 515-294-3395

Rob Slavin

High School-Interscholastic Rep/Secr-Treasurer (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Sacred Heart School

  • 508-246-5882

Kirsten Bernthal Booth

NCAA Division I Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: Creighton University

  • 402-280-5794

Pete Hanson

NCAA Division I-II Men Representative (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: The Ohio State University

  • 614-292-6452

Chuck Waddington

NCAA Division II Representative (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Angelo State University

  • 325-486-6068

Tammy Swearingen

NCAA Division III Representative (thru 12/31/2020)

School/Organization: Westminster College

  • 724-946-7320

Patrick Dorywalski

NCAA D-III Men Representative (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Stevens Institute of Technology

  • 201-988-0335

Jim Giacomazzi

NAIA Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: Wayland Baptist University

  • 806-291-3825

Mary Young

Two Year College Representative (thru 12/31/2020)

School/Organization: Central Community College-Nebraska

  • 402-562-1492

Brooke Niles

Collegiate Beach Representative (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Florida State University

  • 850-228-0129

Dave Weitl

Club Representative (thru 12/31/2018)

School/Organization: Washington Volleyball Academy

  • 360-779-3802

William "Billy" Ebel, III

Assistant Coaches Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: University of Kansas

  • 785-864-3921

Sharon Clark

Diversity Development Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: Butler University

  • 317-940-9211

Cathy George

Awards Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: Michigan State University

  • 517-355-4750

Linda Hampton-Keith

Education & Publications Representative (thru 12/31/2019)

School/Organization: North Carolina State University

  • 919-515-3826

Stephanie Castera

At-Large Representative (12/31/2019)

School/Organization: Ohio Valley Conference

  • 615-371-1698 (x6684)